Code of Ethics

1. Speak and act in ways that honor the dignity and value of every individual. 

2. Provide care that is intended to promote the best interest of the client and to foster strength, integrity and healing. 

3. Demonstrate respect for the cultural and religious values of those they serve and refrain from imposing their own values and beliefs on those served. 

4.  Are mindful of the imbalance of power in the professional/client relationship and refrain from exploitation of that imbalance. 

5.  Maintain relationships with clients on a professional basis only.  

6.  Avoid or correct any conflicts of interest or appearance of conflicting interest(s). 

7. Refrain from any form of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment or sexual assault in   relationships with clients. 

8. Refrain from any form of harassment, coercion, intimidation or otherwise abusive words or actions in relationships with clients. 

9. Safeguard the confidentiality of clients when using materials for educational purposes or written publication. 

10. Respect the confidentiality of information entrusted to them by clients when communicating with family members or significant others except when disclosure       is required for necessary treatment, granted by client permission, for the safety of any person or when required by law. 

11. Understand the limits of their individual expertise and make referrals to other professionals when appropriate.


Form established from: