Blessed For The Test

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Blessed for the Test

Job 42:10

After Job prayed for his friends, the Lord made him prosperous again and gave him twice as much as he had before.

We are all tested like Job at some point in our life.  Evil lurks around every corner.  People who are overcome with evil pass this on through evil deeds for fun, power, or just to get their way.   There is also a psychological game of evil where people toy with your emotions to achieve power and to cause a person to feel lost or less without that person which can come in the form of verbal abuse too. Many times the person who abuses another emotionally is lost themselves and has been treated the same in the past however there are some methods of this abuse used to get the man or woman of their dreams which doesn’t work.  God does not reward evil with good.

You know the saying “Hurt me once shame on you; hurt me twice shame on me.”  God takes the evil and uses it for the greater good.  To copy an evil method just to get the man or woman of your dreams because of someone else’s immediate result is ignorant and evil.  The end result is never the same especially when the person you are mistreating has been hurt before in a similar way.

God reveals his truth and through our pain he makes us stronger so that if we experience the same or similar evil treatment it will not defeat us.  Like Job, I have been tested and brought to my knees to total surrender but I am better for it.  God has blessed me and the life I live now more so than the life I had before.