God's Monumental Truth

06/30/2015 18:43



God’s Monumental Truth


Our society today is very adamant on stripping all our public Christian monuments from our government buildings which saddens me.  Our country was founded by Christians who believed that God had brought them to this nation to build something great and they did.  Although this nation has gone through many changes over the centuries it was founded to bring glory to God because of there faith.

There are many arguments of why Christianity should be taken out of government buildings all have which are to please nonbelievers.  The very arms that opened up the door to the masses of foreigners to come to America are the arms graced by God.  The statue of liberty would not exist if Gods love was not in the hearts of the government to offer open arms. 

I do however believe that God will use this for the greater good.  Because this world does not follow Gods commandments for the most part the monuments being stripped away will makes us fight harder for the words to be true and not the idolizing of the monuments and what the words stand for.  We are all sinners including myself but we need strive to follow Gods truth even though it is difficult to go without sinning our hearts must fight to follow the Lord and honor God in all that we do.




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