His Money

06/24/2015 04:56

His Money


Proverbs 24:19-20

Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of the wicked, for the evil man has no future hope, and the lamp of the wicked will be snuffed out.

Proverbs 24:30-34

I went past the field of the sluggard, past the vineyard of the man who lacks judgment; thorns had come up everywhere, the ground was covered with weeds, and the stone wall was in ruins.  I applied my heart to what I observed and learned a lesson from what I saw: A little sleep, a little slumber, and a little folding of the hands to rest and poverty will come on you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man.

        It is easy to get upset about the way things can be with your career and finances.  Life gets more expensive but the money doesn’t increase so you cut where you can and tighten the budget up.  I remind myself everyday that my money is God’s money and he will provide.  I have learned that no matter what, I must treat myself to what I want even if is something little to balance the frugalness of my nature.   If you do not treat yourself you become cynical and resentful of your situation; find balance in your life and budget by rewarding yourself with a gift of a want after you take care of the needs of the budget.

        Also, it’s important to not worry about why someone else is doing what they do or making more than you when you know their efforts fall short.  God has a plan for all of us and the righteous will always prevail.  Be honest and true to Gods word and he will take care of the rest.