"I'm going to have to move..."

04/24/2015 07:23


“I’m going to have to move…”

I’m going to have to move, rings in my head as I am upset with The Lord for the way certain things are in my life.   At one time a few years ago I was planning to move to California and pursue my dreams in acting, writing, and producing but that idea came to a halt as I realized it wouldn’t be fare to Sela and her dad to be so far apart and the fact that it was too expensive for me as a single mom, and of course falling in love changes everything.  I get in ruts like everyone else and I have to de-clutter. The season is here again and its time to once again to observe, de-clutter, and clean.  So let’s get moving. 

            There is always something to do and this weekend it’s using my new lawn mower to cut the grass growing out of control in my yard.  My yard looks like how I feel sometimes; neglected and left alone.  God has his reasons for me bearing life challenges alone and baring my heart and soul to you.   I do not know what this passion for writing will do to my career, my family and friends, or my love life but I do know that I must obey The Lord and do what I feel he has called me to do.

            To bear this burden is a great privilege and I am honored to be chosen as the woman he has made me to be today.

Scriptures to inspire-

Psalm 46:10

Romans 8:1

Romans 12:11

Jn 16:33

Proverbs 24:3-4