Iron Words

05/31/2015 12:12

Iron Words

Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

      Writing has always been apart of my life.  When I was young I would write short stories, songs, poems and I would draw pictures about what I wrote.  The writing wasn’t always great but it brought my imagination to life as I wrote it down and it still does today.

      However, when I write today and publish my work I pray over it that it Glorifies God more than anything else by sharing what he does for me, and inspires others to seek God in everything they do especially in the gift God has given them. 

      God has given us all a gift but we must first discover what that gift is by surrendering ourselves to God first.  Once God has shown us our gift we must help each other sharpen our gifts by sharing them with one another.  If you have a gift of song, then sing.  If you have a gift of playing an instrument, than play that instrument.  If you have gift for design then design; whatever your gift is God will give you great passion for it.  Believe in God and he will help you sharpen your gift through his will.

      Sometimes we have to lose everything to see everything that God has for us; this is how I rediscovered my gift.