Leading with Humility

04/27/2015 07:05

Leading with Humility


“Humble yourself before The Lord”- Jas 4:10

There are days I am challenged to my wits end by this world to see how humble I can be and with the grinding of my teeth, I smile and say, “I trust you Jesus.” 

      Life is not easy but that is what makes it so beautiful and worth fighting for.  The words ring in my ear, “Keep moving forward.”  As my heart aches of loss and feelings of abandonment I remember that The Lord is always with me.  We have great days and bad days and we face many people that do wicked deeds but just as people take cigarette breaks, I take prayer breaks.  

      When I come face to face with wickedness I am reminded to see it as a raging battle between Gods Angels and the devils advocates.  The Angels victoriously blast rays of light into the misguided souls and hearts of the people forcing the evil to let go and disperse back into Hell.  God is victorious and as the lost begin to see God as their loving Father, they rise again and fight for The Lord and glorify his name. 

      For each day is a gift from The Lord and with each rising sun we see his glory.