Lie and Wait

05/05/2015 07:56


Lie and wait


Psalm 27:14   Wait for The Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for The Lord.

        Many people believe that it is easier to live in comfort than in truth.  We all long for love and security in our life but seeking these without Gods truth is reckless and short lived. 

        It may seem to outsiders that choosing to wait for The One would be harder than settling for what we want knowing that something isn’t quite right.  You know the old saying “Sometimes you have to learn the hard way”.  Living a lie in life may appear like truth and feel wonderful and positive in the beginning but knowing the truth in your heart and choosing to ignore it brings weight and as time passes you find yourself holding up more and more weight and then anger and resentment build and before you know it you are spiraling down to your knees begging God for direction and strength.  With every decision you make bad or good there are consequences, but have faith for God uses the bad for his greater good.  

            I have found it’s the struggles that make us stronger and bring out the true beauty in us and relationships.  Wait and grow with Gods truth to be the one God made you to be for the one he made for you to share your lives together in marriage and partnership to Glorify Gods name and share his love with others.