Rebuilding Within

06/28/2015 15:24

Rebuilding within

Just as Nehemiah rebuilds Jerusalem; the single people within my church long to rebuild a community where we can better connect in love and friendship.   As I sat and listened in the singles meeting after service; I heard the desires of the hearts of others; many great ideas and all longing for the same thing, to be needed, to love, and to make friends.

The singles group and leaders of the church are working together to find a better way to meet people as a community, church, and as a smaller scale of personal friendships.  The one thing that was only said a few times in the meeting was about being able to potentially find a husband or wife among all the single groups.  I do not know why this is so hard to admit.  We are human and we all long to be loved and be in love and of course we would like to have friends too.  

As a single mom it is frustrating to be alone when you have so much to offer.  We live and learn. I have learned from my mistakes and pray daily for God to bring the man he made just for me into my life so we can be united as one and grow and love in Gods truth.  Single adults both with kids and without need friends they can relate to and most of all love. 

I work fulltime, go to school, take care of my child and pursue my dreams as a writer and producer.  I am no longer that gal looking for love in all the wrong places.  With the death of the old me and the awakening of the new me; God has revealed to me a sweeter and brighter future of love in his glory.

It’s not easy trying to get different personalities of people together in the same room to speak up and introduce themselves to each other.  For many people, large groups can be overwhelming and intimidating; at the first chance the loneliest of the groups will bolt for the door.  We must entice the interest of the longing to share Gods love and having friends by uniting together with food, fun, and laughter. 

I say ask the people what their favorite things to do are and have different gatherings with those options; maybe a bowling night of teams or picnic with fun games for adults and kids.