Words of Fire

05/26/2015 07:00

Words of Fire

Proverbs 26:20

Without wood a fire goes out;

Without gossip a quarrel dies down.

       Gossip is something we say about someone else where we do not help the situation nor do we provide a solution.  Gossip is easy to do when you are chatting with your friends and something harmless may be misunderstood my eavesdroppers around you and that is where the fire starts.  The best way to avoid this is to not participate but also know who your surroundings and who is in the room.  I have been guilty of gossip and after you end your conversations guilt inevitably follows and you must make peace with yourself and the Lord.

       Nothing helps to talk about what others have done to you in gossip , what is important is taking responsibility for your actions and learning from your actions and the actions of others.  

    I was asked if I was taking all the blame in my book “Closer to the One” and I said “No. I am taking responsibility for my actions.  I can’t tell you why people do the things they do I can only assume but God knows the truth.”

Forgive those who have hurt you because Gods love covers all.