Worthy and Excellence is difficult

07/07/2015 06:49

Worthy and Excellence is difficult


Hebrews 2:10

“bringing many sons to glory.”

Matthew 7:13-14

“Enter by the narrow gate….Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life…”

“And it is always necessary for us to make an effort to live a life of worth and excellence.”  (Chambers, 1992, p. July 7th)  This statement reminds me not to give up on things I believe in.  I work hard to build a home and give back to the world in the ways God directs me.  I do not always feel that people care about what I do and that is where the problem lies.  I shouldn’t worry about others so much as keeping myself and my family on the path of righteousness.  I like to raise money for charities and it seems that I can’t always find the support I need but in the end when its time to give the money God reminds that anything you do for Love is immeasurable and that I shouldn’t focus on the quantity so much as the quality that is behind it.

No one is perfect and I am far from perfect but each day I strive to better my ways to more of a Christ like and Godly person so that others see how God’s love lives within me and especially my daughter whom I pray will be a Christ like child and woman of God and give back to others the way God intends for her to.